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Lessons from My Mother

I’ve been thinking about my mom a lot lately.  She passed away 21 years ago this month and she’s been on my mind for a while. I think of my mom often, of course, but in the last few weeks the thoughts I’ve been having are far different than any I’ve had before.

Why Finding Your Passion Will Never Be A Revelatory Moment

It’s not infrequent to hear people say they still haven’t found their passion as if their passion is fully formed and hidden under a rock somewhere. Every rule has it’s exceptions, but, by and large, folks don’t simply stumble upon their vocation without developing interest. Uncovering a passion for something requires endless hours of work.

Helping the Eagles Spread Their Wings and Fly

At Corus360, the backbone of our culture is hiring the brightest, most energetic people we can find. Once they’re here, we want them to stay, but, because of the quality of people we hire, we know some will outgrow their positions and some may leave for new opportunities. We’re committed to helping them grow and prepare for positions with greater responsibility within our organization or go elsewhere to spread their wings.

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