Everyone knows that security is a vital part of any IT environment. Protecting your information, your employees’ information, and your customers’ information is crucial to keep your business running. From endpoints to data centers to the device in your back pocket, we’ve got you covered. Corus360 aligns itself with bleeding-edge security partners to keep your business safe from internal and external threats.

Patch Automation

Endpoint Protection

Corus360 helps business secure their endpoints over complex business environments. We do this through expertise, industry-leading technology, and experience. The three key elements to successful endpoint security are patch automation, mobility, and anti-virus.


Whatever the operating system, device type, and applications that your employees use, Corus360 has the tools to help you increase the security of these endpoints to help your employees be productive and keep your environment secure and compliant.

Next-generation Antivirus

Corus360 can help your organization deploy powerful, lightweight, next-generation antivirus capabilities that go far beyond traditional malware protection. These products use sophisticated machine learning and behavioral analysis to identify and halt threats that often evade traditional antivirus systems.

Identity Access Management

Organizations around the world manage user identities and ensure that users only have access to the systems that they need. Corus360’s engineers are experts in supporting Identity and Access Management (IAM) services for organizations of every size. Particularly, our team specializes in Active Directory federation Services (ADFS) deployment and upgrades, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) configuration and deployment, and identity consolidation (including X.500 address migration).


Over half of the security threats that businesses face begin internally and often go unnoticed for months or even years. This opens organizations up to security risks and cyberattacks. By combining and correlating log activity, Corus360’s engineers can help you detect and respond to these threats before attackers infiltrate your systems and cause damage or data loss.

Data Application Security

Corus360 can assist your business by protecting critical assets within your organization through the improvement of data and application security. Our team will help you stay current with data security best practices and assist in identifying misconfigurations and weaknesses in enterprise applications.


It’s necessary to track your data’s origin and lineage. Maximizing its security, quality, and value is increasingly important with today’s regulations. Corus360’s data consultants have the technical and business expertise to help you design an efficient data governance solution.

GDPR Compliance

Corus360 has developed a range of privacy-by-design long-term GDPR compliant solutions. These effective solutions utilize the latest cloud and management tools to help protect our partner organizations and ensure best practices. We use an agnostic delivery platform to secure all sensitive data and effectively manage it.