The technology systems your organization relies on today are the engines of your business. Without these systems running, your business may grind to a halt. In the case of a disaster, the availability of recovery or failover systems for your critical applications is vital.

Has your disk lost its drive?

RES-Q™ Services has the unique ability to provide your organization with all the system equipment or infrastructure required to recover your critical technology systems. We offer servers, storage, and network equipment coupled with the option of an onsite RES-Q™ Services visit or a client visit to our Recovery Center. Our solutions that focus on system recovery span from the restoration of virtual and physical servers to Quick-Ship equipment that we provide for recovery and testing. With flexible SLAs and access to over $100 million in recovery hardware, RES-Q™ Services can deliver the right solution to meet your business requirements and budget.


Platforms Supported Include:
X86 – All Systems (Physical/Virtual)
IBM Power (i&p)
IBM Mainframe

Empower the impossible.