Program and Project Management

Successful execution of internal programs and projects are critical to all organizations

Whether you are looking to design a custom enterprise application, implement a business intelligence strategy, design a Data Center, execute a service change, or evaluate and select a software package, Corus360 provides tailored processes mapped to your business objectives and IT needs. In doing so, we will establish a consistent, repeatable approach to ensure success. The outcome of a program or project can have a significant impact upon business and product viability. Corus360 focuses on the following Key Management Areas:

Resource Management

  • Our team allocates resources appropriately to ensure programs and projects end promptly and successfully.

Financial Management

  • We implement specific fiscal practices and controls in order to adhere to budgets and resources.

Technology Management

  • Corus360 supports and manages all facets of your organization’s infrastructure to ensure business continuity.


Functions and Responsibilities:
Planning of Programs
Prioritization of New Projects
Development of Project and Service Management Standards
Coaching of Project Managers
Review of Existing Projects
Ensuring Organizational Learning
Facilitation of Resource Allocation
Monitoring and Evaluation
Audit Functions

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