Hybrid IT

To take advantage of digital transformation in today’s market, it’s essential that organizations move towards a hybrid-cloud infrastructure. Corus360 views the process of cloud adoption as a journey; it starts with taking advantage of public and private cloud offerings to increase flexibility and then progresses to building multi-cloud systems to make use of specific capabilities before finally implementing a hybrid-cloud environment, which opens the door to cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies. The steps to reaching a hybrid-cloud environment are not as clear cut as they appear on paper, and many times organizations can skip steps or even move back based on their needs. To that end, Corus360 advises companies on what type of technology they need to achieve their goals and then helps them deploy and support it to create outcomes.

As a deeply connected partner to Microsoft, we deliver exceptional services for our clients’ business needs. We are proud of our many Microsoft certifications. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in the areas of Application Development, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, and Collaboration and Content. We are a Microsoft Systems Integration Partner. As a Microsoft Managed Partner, we work with Microsoft development teams to grow our Microsoft practice. We are also honored to be in the Partner Sales Professional (PSP) program, where Microsoft introduces us as an extension of their pre-sales and support teams to engage with their clients on their behalf.



Integrate Everywhere

Smoothly integrate Microsoft with other third-party systems, whether it’s an ERP, CRM, MDM platform or security solution.

Take Advantage of the Latest Tech

Adapt to Microsoft’s fast-moving environment, including its rapid software-as-a-service deployments, new workloads on Office 365 and evolving service offerings from Azure.



Enable Scalability

Adapt to today’s rapid growth and usage of data by scaling your business apps using Azure and Office365.