Customer Experience

While standardizing on a single platform may seem ideal, the reality is that today’s organizations utilize a variety of file sharing tools from multiple vendors. As such, it’s imperative to use the ones that correspond to the way that the people we collaborate with work. Corus360 provides deep integration with third-party tools that organizations may already be using today.

Our Microsoft collaboration team excels at deploying effective technologies and onboarding organizations’ employees to promote successful adoption. We offer a wide-range of services and support around these solutions:


  • Determine required data classifications
  • Performance and tuning services
  • Review sharing and guest access policies
  • Office web application server deployment/maintenance
  • Third-party integration support
  • Review default folders and channels required for organizational compliance

Corus360’s Cisco collaboration division has proven experience in designing and implementing collaboration tools and helping customers to get the most out of them. Our team understands how organizations communicate and the importance of staying connected:


  • Installed the first Webex Teams Platform (previously Spark) in a customer environment
  • Utilize on-premise, cloud, and hybrid solutions tailor-fit to meet customers’ business needs
  • Focus on business transformation and workload optimization
  • Employ CCIE engineers to deliver maximum value
  • Deliver technologies ranging from next-gen meetings to legacy on-premise telephony solutions
  • Make use of Canopy Architecture to balance the needs of customer businesses with a focus on secure, simplified IT