The Corus360 Difference

norcrossEvery organization has a need for People, Technology, and Resiliency. At Corus360, we empower our clients through helping them find the right people, select the ideal technologies, and plan for seamless recovery. We are committed to their success, working together as One Team with One Message to transform environments, enhance operations, and exceed expectations.

The cornerstone of our success is our leadership team, a group of passionate individuals who have been working together for over fifteen years to promote relevancy and education to our people with one single message: deliver a higher value to the customer. As we’ve added services to our business, we have shared those same services with clients—our People, our Technology, and our Resiliency.

In 2005, Corus360 had the unique opportunity to supply infrastructure to organizations during Hurricane Katrina and Rita. Through meeting this demand with Systems, Data, and People our Resiliency Services Business Unit, RES-QTM, was born. Most organizations don’t want to invest in a huge disaster recovery infrastructure of their own; it’s too expensive to build and maintain. By focusing on a shared services model across multiple clients in different geographies we are able drive cost down, improve execution, and, most importantly, maintain our client’s competitive business advantage during a disaster.

When the economy turned downward in 2008, Corus360 saw a growth opportunity and expanded to include an additional Business Unit, People as a Service (PaaS). PaaS allows clients access to our knowledge and experience through people. The success of an organization relies on its personnel. Providing the latter results in the former for our clients. Once again with a focus on providing our clients a higher level of service, we deliver people in a variety of forms for both short and long term engagements to fulfill roles in areas such as Program Management and Data Center Transformation.

Our Business Unit, the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), was built around disruptive technologies that offer new ways to cut costs and rethink the traditional data center. This team consists of consultants and engineers who hail from all major industries and average over fifteen years of experience in performance improvement and sustainability, IT operations, and enterprise technologies.

Regardless of industry and size, every organization has a need for People, Technology, and Resiliency.

Regardless of industry and size, every organization has a need for People, Technology, and Resiliency.

Our Culture

Make a difference today. As President of Corus360, I make it a priority for those words to echo within our hallways and our actions. There is always a difference to make in all facets of both corporate life and personal life. Corus360 consists of employees dedicated to finding that difference – and that is what shapes our culture.

We make a difference by working together as a team, not individually. When we invest in the lives of others, we create a teamwork mindset. Tasks that seem impossible to accomplish are simply too much for an individual to handle alone. Nothing is completed through the work of solely one employee. When many minds work together, the potential of a product drastically increases. Working as a team highlights strengths and overcomes weaknesses, creating better results that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

We make a difference by investing in the lives of those around us. Corus360 employees take the form of family rather than coworkers. We laugh together, support each other, and celebrate together. This dynamic creates an atmosphere of comfort and camaraderie, fostering optimal productivity and satisfaction. Positive company culture encourages friendship among employees. These are the individuals you spend a majority of your week with—don’t you want to spend time with your friends?

Corus360 holds multiple employee gatherings to provide opportunities to build relationships outside of working walls and hours. From holiday parties to baby showers, from sporting events to picnics – we provide opportunities to invest in the personal lives of our coworkers and show our appreciation for them.

We make a difference by never settling, but always improving. After every success, it’s important to take a step back and ask ourselves, “What can we do better?” If Corus360 is not continuously seeking improvement, we will be left behind in the fast-paced world of IT.

Improving all areas of our company creates a culture dedicated to producing and achieving the best work possible. With this mindset as a core part of the Corus360 culture, I do not have to worry about mediocre work. Instead, employees make a difference in the outcome of their work efforts by achieving more than they thought possible.

One of the best aspects of the Corus360 culture is the trickle-down effect on our customers and clients. The difference-makers of our company have a contagious spirit that spreads to those with whom they interact. I attribute much of our success to our culture, complete with giving, investment, teamwork, and improvement.

I am thankful for a company culture that continues to inspire myself and other employees as we move forward, committed to making a difference.

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Steve Johnson and The Senior Leadership Team 2016

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