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To Be a Frontrunner, or Not to Be, that is the Question

Support is critical when it comes to IT. Much like race cars, IT environments need teams to support them and keep their engines cool and running. All of the features must run smoothly in order to prevent any downtime or, worse, a crash. Allowing your legacy technology to be supported by the minimum requirements needed […]

A Valentine’s Day Puppy

Three years ago, my husband Alex and I were looking to adopt a dog. We agreed that we wanted a Corgi and began our search. We reached out to several local rescues in the Colorado area and had no luck; Corgis are a popular breed here. In February we came extremely close to adopting a […]

Stop Saying That!

Who doesn’t want to sound eloquent, intelligent, and credible when they speak? How often times do you use “honestly,” “just,” “things,” “sorry,” or some other crutch-word in your sentences? This article on LinkedIn was spot-on with its identification of these often used “useless” terms that find their way into our everyday conversations, business discussions, and […]

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