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No Time for Downtime

Downtime is not an option when it comes to your business. Increased costs, slowdowns in productivity, and revenue loss are a few of the consequences it can cause. Reactive support in these cases is not the answer. Being “reactive” in this instance means responding to a device or application that is already broken. What you need to do is take proactive steps to either reduce downtime or, if possible, avoid downtime entirely. The best way to be proactive with your IBM hardware and software is to utilize one of IBM’s care programs.

IBM’s Basic Care program will give your business 24/7 same-day response for any hardware or Severity 1 problems and remote support for software. Next, IBM’s Enhanced Care will allow your business to receive all the same assistance as Basic Care with the addition of faster response times and client care services with an assigned remote account manager. Last on the list but first in features is IBM’s Premier Care program, which will cover all of your bases. With Premier Care, you will receive proactive support services to help prevent downtime and outages; this includes integrated hardware/software support, microcode analysis, code upgrades, and media retention.

Let Corus360 and IBM help you prevent downtime with IBM’s Proactive Support services.

Follow this link to download an infographic with more information:

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