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Doing Digital Transformation Right

Digital transformation has been a buzz word for quite a while now. Undoubtably, millions have been spent under the guise of digital transformation projects that were actually just application upgrades, web pages, or mobile apps. The hidden bear trap for digital transformation efforts are the numerous odious legacy processes, air gapped applications, and data sources that require human interaction. Inserting human interaction into technology invariably slows the process and introduces human error. Therefore, no matter how much is spent on digital transformation, if the technology implemented does not address the mundane, routine, and repetitive tasks that need to be performed by the humans involved the process, the money is wasted.

Luckily there is a solution, or should I say a pair of technologies, that can bridge the gaps in today’s legacy processes and systems to truly provide the nirvana of digital experience

Robotic process automation (RPA) automates routine, repetitive, rules-based tasks. It allows machines to work independent of human activity so that employees can focus on processes that require judgement, interpretation, or skill. Couple RPA with digital process automation (DPA), which allows you to redefine your processes and create fluid, digital workflows, and you now have a scenario capable of delivering incredible digital transformation results.

So back to the goal for enterprise organizations – get faster, nimbler, and deliver a better CX at a lower cost by transforming  into a digital enterprise. This can be achieved one of two ways: 1) Risk millions upgrading and adding new platforms, OR 2) digitize what already exists at a lower cost with less risk. Which one seems more achievable to you?

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