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AI Is Here to Stay

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have come a long way the last few years, and they’re here to stay. The future is promising for previously unthinkable applications. AI is the combination of a human’s ability of learning and recognizing patterns and the speed of computers. This has simplified solving painstaking and time-consuming tasks by having an AI model learn from previous data. Furthermore, these models are amazingly successful at identifying objects or patterns that often elude humans. The applications span reading hand-written text to driving cars, and everything in between.

In the IT industry there are many possibilities and room for growth. As more data is gathered, AI models becomes more accurate, allowing bots to solve common problems for customers and saving IT specialists’ time for more complex ones. This doesn’t mean that AI is designed to replace people; its purpose is to make work easier and more efficient for both companies and employees, and its use will only become more prevalent as industries realize the benefits.

AI can also be useful for a company’s internal operations. Using the maintenance history of equipment such as servers, network routers, and other dependable equipment, an AI model can predict possible failures and schedule preventative maintenance. This translates to companies avoiding unexpected catastrophes that could cause irreparable damage.

AI is causing industries to change and evolve, and its applications are endless.

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