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A Valentine’s Day Puppy

Three years ago, my husband Alex and I were looking to adopt a dog. We agreed that we wanted a Corgi and began our search. We reached out to several local rescues in the Colorado area and had no luck; Corgis are a popular breed here. In February we came extremely close to adopting a sweet Corgi puppy. We passed the interview and the home inspection with flying colors, and it seemed like this dog was going to be coming to live with us. We were in the process of making plans to pick the little guy up and even thinking of names when we got the call that the rescue had decided on another couple. I was so upset that I told Alex I didn’t want look for dogs any more.

Alex had another plans. He found a Corgi mix that needed a home at the Dumb Friends League, a shelter in our area. On Valentine’s Day morning, Alex asked me if I wanted to go out for coffee and a car ride (I mean, who doesn’t enjoy cars rides?). To my surprise, we ended up at the rescue, and Alex asked if we could see the dog that he’d found out about.

It turned out that this girl was the perfect dog for us. She was five years old and well-trained. Alex asked me if I wanted her and I couldn’t look into her big brown eyes and say no.

Now we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple. For us, it’s more of a birthday for our sweet girl Amy. – The rescue website where we got Amy for any would-be pet owners.

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