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A place to recover

Have you tested your backup strategy? Are there processes in place to verify that your data is recoverable?

A backup solution is only as good as your recovery options, and many people don’t know what their recovery options are.

In order to have a comprehensive solution, you need to validate your recovery options, which include:

  1. High availability failover appliance – This appliance usually sits in your Data Center and constantly backs up and acts as a near-instant recovery/failover solution for high priority servers.
  2. Replicated appliance – This appliance sits in a high-availability Data Center in a remote location and serves as a Tier 2 option for recovery that could be just as fast as the first appliance.
  3. Hardware shipment – This service is usually delivered through a managed contract. Often, it states that at any time, a provider will ship hardware to your site in order for you to recover your data onto. Keep in mind that in order to meet their obligations, your contract provider needs to have an excess of hardware in stock at any given time so that they can ship to all customers instantly.
  4. Cloud servers – This recovery option allows for extremely high availability at any location in the world and is metered based on usage.
  5. Tape recovery – Although this is the slowest method to backup and recover from, many companies still use this solution because it’s tried and true.


With any backup strategy, you need to test your solution. No matter what option you pick, the key to recovery is training and testing to get a quick turnaround when a disaster does occur.


Daniel Lin
Solutions Implementation Engineer

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