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Twitter’s New Feature: Giving the End User Accountability

Twitter’s newest update, an unsung answer to account monitoring, now puts the user on notice in relation to the status of their account activity. This security feature brings a new facet of transparency and accountability to the Twitter userbase. The new feature, located within account settings under the tab aptly named “Apps and devices,” allows users to see a log of the devices that have accessed your Twitter account.

Why You Should Link Up with Blockchain

Like a hypnotist bent on making you cluck like a chicken, blockchain technology has infatuated the world market with its promise of innovation, transparency, and immutability. Now I know everyone and their mother is changing their MO to be blockchain oriented, but that shouldn’t deter stakeholders from trying their hand in the promising landscape that is blockchain. There are literally millions of articles online, written daily, that all drone on about the way blockchain operates.

What’s Your 2018 Security Plan?

As we approach the threshold of 2018, we bring with us hindsight that some of us wish we’d had earlier. If you have been paying any attention to the cyber security domain this year, you know that data breaches have been at the forefront of the mind of the consumer. The unprecedented number of attacks has made it clear that 2018 is going to bring with it new cyber threats that we’re going to have to prepare for.

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