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How to Turn Knowledge into Power

At Corus360, the employee population is about 40% millennials. In the five years that I’ve worked here, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the impact of “reverse mentoring.” Our millennials have taught me to use social media and other online resources, and one of the results of that is that I’m now a podcast junkie.

Stop Saying That!

Who doesn’t want to sound eloquent, intelligent, and credible when they speak? How often times do you use “honestly,” “just,” “things,” “sorry,” or some other crutch-word in your sentences? This article on LinkedIn was spot-on with its identification of these often used “useless” terms that find their way into our everyday conversations, business discussions, and […]

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

I’ve been selling for 42 years and had NEVER participated in Toastmasters until I came to work for Corus360. If you don’t know, Toastmasters is an organization that seeks to improve people’s communication skills by public speaking in a relaxed, friendly environment. People give speeches, the speakers get input on what they did well and suggestions for improvement, and everyone has a good time.

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