It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was flying high in my career, rejoicing in the fact that I was challenged with a new work project, financially supporting my children with two very expensive college tuitions, riding my horse, and dabbling in the dating scene. On the turn of a dime, I am now fighting every single minute to keep business moving forward, keep people working, and support our economy while keeping people safe and distanced as a global pandemic rages on. I thought I would share some of the work habits and philosophies that I’ve used over the past couple of weeks to help me cope in the hopes that you can use them too!

  1. Start every day with gratitude.
    I am grateful for having my children with me. I am grateful to see families walking their dogs in my neighborhood and children playing outside. I am grateful that I can go to Chick-fil-A’s drive through to get a breakfast biscuit and sweet tea. I am grateful for my customers that are still giving me work. I try to start the day by reminding myself that I am blessed to be able to work and that I will crush my competition by driving results!

  2. Show Up
    NO, not in person: Virtually! Every single meeting you have, use your camera via Webex or zoom or MS Teams. Show people you are engaged; letting people see your face helps build relationships even when it’s through a camera. I haven’t worn much make up and I’m not dressed “professionally,”  but I am present, listening and communicating as if I was sitting at the conference table in person. Attend every single meeting and training opportunity you can. You can even have virtual happy hours with friends, work chats over coffee, and dates if you’re up to it.

  3. Raise Your Hand
    If you are not busy, see who you can help. Jumping in has always been a good idea, and it’s only more meaningful and important to do now.

  4. Take Care of One Another
    Check on your family, your neighbors, your customers, and your friends. People are scared. Some of them are losing jobs and others are short on hope. Reach out. Offer to pick up groceries or prescriptions if you can. Everything counts.

  5. Share
    If you have items like toilet paper, paper towels, Ibuprofen, hand sanitizer, or meat, don’t hoard it. See the above bullet about taking care of each other if you find yourself with a surplus.

  6. Don’t Look at Your 401K
    And limit your time watching the news

  7. Try Something New
    Learn a foreign language or take an online course. The internet allows us to access unthinkable amounts of knowledge. There’s more to do than binge watch television shows.

  8. Exercise Outside
    Try to get outside as much as you can while maintaining social distancing practices. For me, even 30 minutes with my horses makes me a better person.

  9. Keep a Strong Mental Focus and DO NOT PANIC
    The mind is a powerful thing. It’s our best assets, so use it. Staying LOGICAL and SMART will help us all get through this easier. Know you are loved and that this is NO ONE’S FAULT.  Blame is a waste of precious energy and mind power.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. It’s important that we remember that, now more than ever. I hope that you can use my recommendations to help you get through this, or that they at least inspire you to come up with your own list to help you keep going. Stay safe, stay friendly, and stay calm.