A recurring dream that started years ago has become the heart of my professional mission. It goes like this: I am in a room with many other people trying to sell books. There are fancy books, technical books, religious books – every sort of book you could imagine.  As I walk around trying to start conversations and tell people about my book I can hear the snickers, the comments of how ridiculous my book is and that I will never be able to sell it.

You see, my book is a picture book with no words. The illustrations are absolutely breathtaking, but it is markedly different from any of the other books that are being sold. As I walk the floor of the area I see a blind man sitting by himself near the corner of the room. With all the hustle and bustle of sales going on, no one has even noticed him. I introduce myself and we begin to talk about his likes and dislikes and engage in standard small talk. Eventually he tells me he is looking for a special book and that he will know it when he sees it. I laugh and say “I mean no disrespect, sir, but aren’t you blind?” He replies, “Son, I may not have my sight, but I am not blind.”

As I look around the room, I see that everyone has stopped what they were doing. All the conversation in the room has ceased and all eyes are on me and the blind man. I hear people laugh and say “Is he really trying to sell a blind man a picture book?” I smile and begin to tell him about the book. This book is different, unlike all the other books people he’ll find. I explain that although this book has no words, it is the most valuable book he will ever own. Each page is filled with the amazing, detailed pictures. The colors, hues, and objects within these pages are open to many interpretations. All the other books are concrete, telling the same story each and every time they are read. With this book, whenever someone reads they will look at the pages differently, creating a beautiful and unique story each time the pages are opened. The man smiles and says “That’s the book I have been waiting for!” and writes me a check on the spot.

As a Solutions Architect, I engage with customers each and every day with different technological, cultural, regulatory, and financial needs and challenges. We work alongside our clients as one collective team as much vested in their success as our own. Working with disruptive and contemporary technologies we can and do make a difference. I am a person that believes challenges are incredible opportunities. My goal in business is to be honest, credible, and, at the end of the day, help to sell blind men picture books.