Corus360 and Fujitsu to provide clients with cutting-edge SAP Hana-focused hardware

Atlanta, GA – Corus360, a technology company that strives to empower clients through people, technology, and resilience, today formally announced their status as a Fujitsu Select Partner, the highest level of partnership available with the European-based vendor. Corus360 and Fujitsu have been working together for a number of years, and Corus360 has become one of their top partners in North America, helping them to establish a strong foothold.

Corus360 and Fujitsu are seeking to strengthen that foothold by announcing the availability of the Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX® solution, an end-to end-solution designed specifically to support SAP® HANA®. SAP HANA is becoming more and more prevalent in the business world, and Fujitsu currently sits as one of the top three vendors that build hardware designed to support it in North America.

“Becoming a Fujitsu Select Partner opens up a whole new range of solutions for us to offer to our customers, specifically in regards to SAP HANA.” said Justin Hall, Vice President of Strategy and Architecture at Corus360. “SAP HANA is rapidly transforming IT, and Fujitsu and Corus360 are more than capable of helping customers to transition into hardware capable of utilizing it in the way that most effectively benefits their businesses.

“We are excited to have a premier partner like Corus360 join our Fujitsu Select Partner program,” said Alex Lam, Vice President of the Enterprise Business & Strategy for Fujitsu Technology & Business of America, Inc. “SAP HANA is a transformative IT solution that is impacting multiple customer segments today as a key digital business enabler. Through the partnership of Fujitsu and Corus360, we are able to offer our end-customers a proven HANA infrastructure platform that can be seamlessly deployed via a properly sized and proven hardware platform as a fully integrated services solution offering.”

About Corus360

Corus360 is a technology consulting and solutions company with more than ten years of success helping clients better leverage technology investments to satisfy strategic and tactical business requirements. Corus360 specializes in the best of breed infrastructure solutions, IT management consulting, Data Center technologies, disaster recovery, managed services and enterprise applications. In addition to Corus360’s deep and varied business and technical expertise, the company has the agility and responsiveness required to meet the most challenging tasks.

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