• Surround yourself with people who care about others (talented people are minimally effective if they don’t play well with a team).
  • Ask yourself and your teammates to:
    1. Work hard for your team
    2. Put a smile on your faces and love in your hearts and show passion for the game
    3. Respect your teammates, other players (competition), coaches (management), fans, umpires, officials, parents, and all those involved with practices and games. That means show a good attitude at all times (win because you are honest and do things the right way).
    4. Be at practice and learn your role(s).
    5. Listen to your coaches (managers, engineers, support team, admins etc.) focus, and do what they ask of you.
    6. Be at each game 75 minutes before the start time. Players not at the game 75 minutes before the game could be left out of the lineup (for goodness sake, don’t be late to meetings or WebEx’s. If you can’t deliver on your own time management how can you be trusted to deliver a $1m project?).
    7. Show energy, passion and enthusiasm for the game (your company/solution/team) at all times.
    8. Make a commitment to excellence. Practice on your own (study in your field/understand trends/read/invest in training) and get better.
    9. Focus on what you can control. You cannot control the umpires, the other team’s pitcher, the crowd, your mom/dad, the coaches etc., but you can control your effort, attitude, and commitment to your teammates (you cannot control your competition, market forces, the economy, etc., but you can control your attitude, actions, and effort).
      The Kraze 99 Team Philosophy: Hard work, learning the correct fundamentals and repetition through practice prepares and builds confidence. Confidence plus preparation puts you in a position to succeed. Honesty and integrity demonstrates class. A group of young ladies who play hard, play with confidence and show class put their team in a position to succeed and themselves in a situation to play at the next level. That philosophy holds true on any team you are associated with. Surround yourself with good people, work hard, compete with honesty & integrity, and put your team in a position to succeed.]]>