Toys at my desk

I have two kids. One turns 3 in a month, the other turns 1 in 3 days. Every night I get home from work and I play with them for as long as they will stay up and then I put them to bed.  And that’s when the real “fun” starts. Every night I go through the exact same routine of cleaning up after them. One look at the carnage and destruction of littered toys, books, crayons, dolls, coloring books and every other toy known to mankind and I can’t help but think there has to be a better way.

Does it really make sense to clean up the same pile of toys every night, to have to go through the same pile of clutter when I know for a fact that about 75% of these toys are not even being played with? Rather, my son or daughter simply picks up the toy, removes it from its bin and dumps it right on the ground with a seemingly insatiable appetite to remove as many toys as possible in as quick amount of time as possible. And the process repeats every night. And every night I groan to my wife, “there has to be a better way!!!” And every night she shakes her head and ignores me and says, “I am sure there is, why don’t  you do something about it.”

And therein lies the rub. I know it would be easy to just remove most of the toys and put them away into a closet or into some storage bins in the basement for future use or future kids. But if I do that, aren’t I at risk of not having all those toys around just in case?

If you think about it, a lot of IT Managers have the exact same problem when it comes to their backup processes. Every night they are backing up the same stale data, the same unused, unstructured stagnant files, images, videos, etc  that are never being accessed or touched by their endusers. But somewhere in the back of their mind, there is the feeling that if I remove that data or delete it or get rid of it, what would happen if we needed it in the future? Because of this fear, these IT Managers are now chained to the traditional backup methods that have worked for so long, or at least have appeared to work for so long (backup software -> disk -> tape -> offsite).

But as with anything else in IT, traditional methods are no longer efficient and our environments have evolved and changed to keep up with new technologies that are springing up every day. No longer do companies have to do what the manufacturers tell them to do. No longer do you have to backup the same stale and stagnant data night after night after night, wasting time, money and costly disk capacity.

Stop being a slave to the “what if’s” and start buying back your time, capacity and peace of mind. Let Corus360 take you to the next level of data management and help you stop backing up with the same old traditional methods. Take a stand and remove those “untouched” toys/crayons/files/images from your backup (cleanup) stream and get back to doing things that are productive for your company (or in my case, productive for my family and spending time with my wife!). 


Michael Campbell
Senior Account Executive