People-Driven Innovation

Advanced Technology Solutions

Through assessment-based evaluations, we help client chose the best technologies to produce their desired business outcomes.  We specialize in disruptive technologies that are changing the IT landscape, from cloud, cognitive computing, cybersecurity and customer experience technologies that enable efficient collaboration across your entire organization.

Resiliency Solutions

RES-Q™ Services delivers resiliency options for all major technology platforms and provides workgroup recovery positions for business recovery. As a people-first operation, RES-Q™ strives to out-service their competition with attentive and knowledgeable personnel.

Talent Solutions

Finding the right talent for your initiatives can be a tedious process. As a people-first operation championed by innovation and technology, Talent Solutions works with a dedicated team of senior recruiters, top partners, and in-house consultants to understand your business and strategic initiatives. 

The Corus360 Difference

Corus360 is an innovative technology company that empowers organizations to build, transistion and transform their IT environments to reach desired business outcomes through seamless resilience, selecting the right people, and implementing ideal technologies.


At Corus360, we believe culture trumps strategy. Working as a team emphasizes our strengths and allows us to overcome weaknesses, creating better results that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Our solutions are the best out there, and so are the people supporting them.


Engineering Team

Our professional services team of highly certified engineers are experienced and dedicated to the success of our customers’ businesses. We employ a robust staff of both senior and rising talent to ensure that the solutions we deploy are cost effective and achieve outcomes that exceed expectations

Innovation Accelerators

We place a high priority on employing the latest assessment techniques, introducing our customers to the emerging, disruptive technologies that are shaping the ways that people do business. While keeping up with industry trends is a must, staying ahead of them allows our customers to outperform the competition.


As a people-first company, we believe that technology is only as good as the team who supports it. Our organization empowers the people that comprise it to grow and develop both as an organization and as individuals. Above all, we assert that people and the relationships formed between them are the core of any successful organization.

Some Of Our Valued Partners