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Studying at the Hands of a Master Craftsman

In today’s work environment, we hear so often that one of the benefits that employees desire is the ability to work remotely. Having worked many years for a Fortune 500 company that went from having everyone work from an assigned office to having most non-manufacturing employees work from home, me being one, and now working a smaller company, where most of our employees work from the office, I can see the pros and cons of both scenarios. Having the flexibility to go down to the basement for work saved money on gas and food.

Creating Competitive Advantage through Culture

I recently heard Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, speak at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. He said “If a 140 year industrial company can become an industrial software company anyone can change, but it takes culture to make it happen.” It made me reflect on culture and how it is the cornerstone of competitive advantage.

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