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Highest Peaks and Lowest Valleys

One of my favorite things in the world are roller coasters. Big drops, twists, turns, and the feeling that at any minute you could literally lose your lunch only makes it that much more exciting. Point me to an amusement park and there you will find me in the line of the biggest, most thrilling coaster, and yes, I do have a top five!


Over the weekend I was invited to Aiken, South Carolina to ride a large Shire Horse that was for sale. During the trek to Aiken, I reminded myself that I was full of grit and no matter what this horse was like, I would do my very best to ride her well and not disappoint or embarrass my trainer. GRIT- the ever present buzz word of the year, the combination of good work ethic and a never-say-die attitude.

Lessons and Facts from Dr. Oliver Sacks

When I am stuck in the living nightmare that is Atlanta traffic, I usually listen to podcasts to assuage my road rage. Last month, while listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Radiolab, I found myself increasingly absorbed by an interview with a charming and spritely English doctor for his 80th birthday. This was unusual for a podcast that focused singularly on science and philosophy.

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