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Corus360 Preparing Professionals for the Changing World of Technology

Corus360 has implemented a new program, led by Dennis Taylor, to transform the company’s sales force in order to improve their ability to create positive business outcomes for clients.

Corus360, a technology-led organization that strives to empower clients through people, technology, and resilience, has found success in a recently implemented program aimed at transforming their sales force to respond to the changing landscape of technology. The initiative, headed up by Dennis Taylor, Director of Business Development and Partner Alliances, aims at taking recent graduates and grooming them over a period of six to twelve months in order to create professionals who are prepared to take full advantage of Corus360’s people, technology, and business continuity offerings in order to serve the needs of clients.

As technology becomes more consumable and more prevalent in the world of business, it is important that professionals in the workforce be knowledgeable about emerging technologies like cloud, big data, IoT, and improved security. To reach this goal, Dennis takes groups of two or three young professionals at a time and gives them hands-on training in the fundamentals of the business world and helps them to achieve certifications in the wide array of technologies that they will need to be able to deliver to clients through a comprehensive curriculum, which covers technologies past and present. Since all technical innovations are based on their predecessors, this approach creates a deep knowledge pool for new representatives to draw on. The candidates are then assigned a sales territory to work in and can begin their careers with a support system in place to ensure that they are capable of solving client problems with Corus360’s unique approach.

In addition to helping young people get on their feet, the program is also modular and capable of bringing individuals who already possess some experience in the industry to a better understanding of new and emerging technologies. Whether it’s new-to-the-workforce millennials or people who have been in the business for a while already, Corus360 aims to ensure that their representatives understand the full capabilities of Corus360’s aforementioned three core values of people, technology, and resiliency so that they can use them to bring about the greatest benefit possible for clients.

“The business ecosystem and the traditional datacenter demands agility and clients need professionals who can help them navigate through the changes that are happening right now and the ones that will come after,” said Dennis Taylor, Director of Business Development and Partner Alliances at Corus360. “Our sales transformation program aims to build skilled representatives that understand that world and can bring our clients positive business outcomes by drawing on that knowledge.”

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