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What’s Your 2018 Security Plan?

As we approach the threshold of 2018, we bring with us hindsight that some of us wish we’d had earlier. If you have been paying any attention to the cyber security domain this year, you know that data breaches have been at the forefront of the mind of the consumer. The unprecedented number of attacks has made it clear that 2018 is going to bring with it new cyber threats that we’re going to have to prepare for.

It’s Not Just Food

The scent of cinnamon, cloves, orange peels, and apple cider hits me like a warm hug on a cold day.  It’s Wednesday morning. The Wednesday before thanksgiving, and my aproned mom greets me with open arms and a cheerful smile.

Managing Objectives Through Organization

Sometimes life can be muddled with obligations and harrowing tasks that periodically get us stressed out. When these things are within our control, they should be taken in the context of a challenge that needs to be conquered rather than as a period of turmoil. Simply planning future tasks, preparing yourself for said tasks, and ultimately executing the operation with precision can reduce the often-paralyzing effect of daunting responsibilities.

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