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How to Prepare Your Data Center for Blockchain

Starting in September 2019, Walmart and its Sam’s Club division will require suppliers of fresh, leafy green vegetables to use blockchain to trace products back to the farm. Walmart is expected to expand the requirement to other produce suppliers in the near future with a goal of speeding up product recalls and the response to […]

You Had Me at Hello

Going to the movies is such a great past time. Whether it’s a thriller, an action, a comedy, or a good old-fashioned love story, we are able to sit and lose ourselves in the world on the screen for a while. To make it even better, every now and again we actually learn a lesson from what we watch, even if that lesson doesn’t hit us until years after we’ve left the theater.

The Book

A recurring dream that started years ago has become the heart of my professional mission. It goes like this: I am in a room with many other people trying to sell books.

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