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Walk Like an Eclipsian

You know the song, admit it! It may not be the best title for this blog, but I wanted to showcase my father’s coining of “Eclipsian.” And, yes, I did tons of research – you know, Google and Bing (that’s all there is, now, right?

Denver Startup Week

We are really excited about Denver Startup Week this year. Denver was recently listed as one of the top technology epicenters in the country according to Forbes. Since opening the Denver office in 2013, Corus360 has experienced an organic growth beyond initial expectations.

The One That Was Let Go

The week of September 21st, I took a friend of mine and his son on a fishing trip with me on lake Lanier. Fishing is my favorite hobby – I’m always looking for a reason to pick up my rod and tackle and get out on the water. For this trip, I went to my favorite striper guide, a man named Doug Youngblood, who’s taken me on countless adventures.

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