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Simple Migrations to Azure SQL

Overview Rarely a day passes where I do not interact with a client asking about how to leverage SQL services in Azure. There are many reasons why I have these conversations: Older SQL server instances such as 2008/2005/2000 are either out of support or ending soon (SQL Server 2008 SP4 is currently supported but it is in Extended Support mode).

Overcoming Anxiety in a New Job Environment

Starting a new job would be considered a milestone for most people. For me, living with an anxiety disorder has hindered me from enjoying the attainment of many milestones in the past. With the help of medication and therapy, my ability to cope with anxiety in a new environment has decreased exponentially.

The Ransomware Scare

The WannaCry ransomware attack that took place late last week on May 12th has been an aggressive wake-up call for businesses and governmental organizations throughout the world to take their data backup and recovery more seriously. The culprit(s) behind the attack have not been identified yet, but Europol predicts that this week the ransomware will broaden its reaches. Countries in Europe and Asia reported that their Windows-based systems fell prey to ransomware that held their sensitive and consistently used data hostage for a sum of $300 in Bitcoin encrypted currency per machine.

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