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Have you ever wondered what the cloud is?

Many people are saying that cloud computing is just the return of huge mainframes all over again. It’s true that the cloud is essentially bunch of computing power that’s centrally located somewhere. That might sound like a bunch of mainframes grouped together, but in terms of functionality, there’s a much bigger difference.

What drives your backup strategy?

The facts are the requirements around data retention and data recoverability continuously change and grow. These ever-changing requirements must become the foundation for your backup strategy. Gone are the days of three tapes recycled through your server to store critical system backup data.

vSphere Single Sign-On Causing Some Pain

Since the announcement of vSphere 5.1 at VMworld 2012, admins everywhere have been patiently waiting to upgrade their environments to the latest and greatest VMware offering. Unfortunately for many, they were met with a roadblock when they finally had the chance to do so.

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