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Big Data on the Rise

In the first installment of the Nexus of Forces series, I noted what the four forces are – cloud, mobile, social and information – and what’s keeping organizations from fully embracing two of the forces – cloud and mobile. While cloud and mobile are apparent trends, the other two forces are not as easily explained. What is information, exactly?

The Advantages of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica

Windows Server 2012 marks a large change in Microsoft’s Hyper-V system, with the largest changes coming in the vein of Windows Hyper-V Replica function. Microsoft has been in a constant race to catch up to and pass VMware in the virtualization space and the implementation of Hyper-V Replica is a large step forward in the race. Hyper-V Replica is Microsoft’s ultimate solution for disaster recovery.

It’s time to migrate

The big buzz around Windows these days revolves around Windows 8, but this is not the choice of upgrade for many companies. Gartner categorizes the Windows releases as either a “plumbing release” or a “polishing release”. The difference between these two types of releases involves the amount of change in each release, and the type of change.

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