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RPO Solutions — What is it and why would companies need it?

In 15+ years of Information Technology Recruiting, I have never seen a market deficit of great talent as large of the one of Fall 2012. Even in 1999, when a fresh college graduate with a few Java classes under his belt could command a nice salary as a software developer and even get a bonus car leased for joining a firm- but in 2012 the job market has changed. Gone are the “glory days” of software development, and welcome to the new Cloud Based Infrastructure, IaaS, SaaS and basically EVERYTHING IT “as a service” era.

Why are IT Support Services a Beneficial Business Solution?

Companies today are continuously seeking ways to improve the productivity of processes and achieve the competitive edge necessary to move forward. IT support services are a cost effective method for advancing without jeopardizing the existing strength of an organization. Business owners tend to shy away from these services because of a few misconceptions in this industry; however, they are not what individuals frequently perceive.

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