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Security in Cloud Storage

There are many concerns amongst the IT user community about using cloud storage. The two biggest concerns, I think, are security and availability and reliability. What are the current cloud storage services that are well-known to the standard user community?

Big Data on the Rise

In the first installment of the Nexus of Forces series, I noted what the four forces are – cloud, mobile, social and information – and what’s keeping organizations from fully embracing two of the forces – cloud and mobile. While cloud and mobile are apparent trends, the other two forces are not as easily explained. What is information, exactly?

The Advantages of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Replica

Windows Server 2012 marks a large change in Microsoft’s Hyper-V system, with the largest changes coming in the vein of Windows Hyper-V Replica function. Microsoft has been in a constant race to catch up to and pass VMware in the virtualization space and the implementation of Hyper-V Replica is a large step forward in the race. Hyper-V Replica is Microsoft’s ultimate solution for disaster recovery.

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