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IoT in the Retail Industry

Many retailers are taking advantage of the up and coming revolutions in the realm of IoT (the Internet of Things) to refresh the customer experience. Not only does dabbling in the IoT world impact a customer’s experience, but it also enables the retailer to enter into new markets. The futuristic ideas that are often portrayed in movies are becoming a part of our reality.

To Our Valued Customers

I am pleased to announce that Converge Technology Partners Inc. has completed the acquisition ofCorus360. Converge Technology Partners is building a national platform of regionally focused IT infrastructure firms in the US and Canada, connecting best of breed services and solutions to clients.

Cybersecurity and the Inner Workings of Operations

Cybersecurity is, for most individuals, an afterthought, something that isn’t at the forefront of their interest until a breach or attack has already occurred. For a business or an organization, cybersecurity is of paramount importance when it comes to keeping daily operations running at a smooth and uninterrupted pace. Beyond the IT department, most of the technologies that make daily operation possible are kept “behind the curtain.

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