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Location, Location, Compensation

If you are in the recruitment field or looking for a new position you may hear this little nugget: “The cost of living here is lower, so you don’t need to make the same amount of money.” It gets thrown around like confetti and seems reasonable on the surface.

Balancing Our Diet

I have noticed that talk on the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases has appeared more frequently over the past few years. I didn’t take note at first until four people close to me suffered deadly heart attacks over the course of a single month; unfortunately, only one of my friends survived. It has been heartbreaking and shocking since they all appeared normal the day before.

Why Finding Your Passion Will Never Be A Revelatory Moment

It’s not infrequent to hear people say they still haven’t found their passion as if their passion is fully formed and hidden under a rock somewhere. Every rule has it’s exceptions, but, by and large, folks don’t simply stumble upon their vocation without developing interest. Uncovering a passion for something requires endless hours of work.

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