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Walk Like an Eclipsian

You know the song, admit it! It may not be the best title for this blog, but I wanted to showcase my father’s coining of “Eclipsian.” And, yes, I did tons of research – you know, Google and Bing (that’s all there is, now, right?) – and nowhere could I find reference to a formal title for the flocks and droves of people that gathered to see the eclipse. It’s surprising to me, really, that 10-20 million people came together for one experience and the private and social media creators of the world have no name for them.

Totality by definition means “the whole of something.”

The weekend of the eclipse, every mountaintop in North Georgia was full of families and friends seeking togetherness and visual entertainment from the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a solar eclipse in its total form. Well, now, most of us know there’s another reasonable opportunity to see totality in just seven years. By reasonable, I mean, within a few hundred miles of the recent path for those of us that live in the Southeast. If you have enough travel points you could plan a trip to Chili or Argentina for the next viewing. It’s only two years away.

I find greatness in events beyond our control that bring people together to relish in something natural and magnificent that’s bigger than ourselves as spectators.

My children and I were fortunate enough to have two of their three sets of grandparents come together and share this event with us. Both of my parents remarried others many years ago, and on that weekend we all came together to meet at a small cabin in a mountain resort to share time, stories, and a meal cooked over a fire in support of family and something special to remember.

An unknowable and otherworldly phenomenon found a way to funnel its mass and influence to us here on Earth in a remarkably quiet and brief form.

Most of the mountain areas left everyone with little-to-no cell signal to access the digital pulse the internet provides us with every day. Only our ability to take pictures remained. This brought about a forced-disconnect and a greater connection to the world around us, the people around us, and, even more inescapably, our brains.

Eclipsian [ih-klip-shuhn] of or relating to those seeking a total-ly amazing solar eclipse.

On the ride home, there were pockets of traffic, a detour, and we even got lost once, which led to a double round of the mountain-zig-zags and a spell of car sickness. All of this and a late night return home made it quite the journey. This is not meant to cast a shadow on this incredible occasion, but to make crystal clear the enthusiasm all Eclipsians embody when seeking the totality of life, that special connection with the people dear to them and the world that they live in made possible by a brief window opened by something extraordinary.

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