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Shaping the Customer Experience: IBM Retail Technology Support Services

More often than not, when we see something that is relatable to our lives, we are typically more attracted to it. For example, if we know that a particular store can cater to various personal needs, we are more likely to visit that store over another because it is more applicable to our personal lives. This can apply to retail, especially when it involves IoT (Internet of Things).

When we go shopping, it is typically to buy something specific that will cater to our individual needs. With the help of Big Data, IoT, and analytics, stores can sift through collected information on the trends in our buying patterns, online surfing/purchases, and general customer behavior. In doing so, they are able to predict what we need upon entering the store.

There needs to be a personal connection established between the store and the customer- this connection is developed when the store can cater to the customer’s lifestyle needs and wants while also creating a satisfying shopping experience. IBM Technology Support can help create this kind of a unique customer experience. With the help of IBM, retailers can collect, analyze, and secure big data to establish the store/customer experience in real time, deepening the customer relationship.

IBM’s Retail Technology Support maintains all devices, software, and networks in a store- all in the name of helping to grow your business, reducing operational costs, and creating a customizable solution to span your multi-vendor store environment. IBM’s Retail Technology Support uses the application of advanced technologies, predictive analytics, and augmented reality to help improve sales and customer satisfaction, save time and money, and reduce the complexity of your store’s network.

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