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New Year’s Evolutions

It’s a new year and that always means the same thing – time to make those resolutions. I, like many, make New Year’s resolutions that center around my health and my family. I need to eat better, exercise more, spend more time with my kids, work a little smarter, and lose a few pounds. As we all do, I have great intentions, but then January 8th or so rolls around and I’m eating a bowl of ice cream while working late at night and wondering who I can carpool with for the kids’ practices.


The past few weeks I’ve been wondering how I can get the gumption to start the year off right and really embrace my resolutions. They’re all about becoming better in some way. I feel like I’m constantly working toward being a better version of me, and, while I was considering that, I realized that lots of resolutions are about reinventing ourselves in some way. Don’t we already do that? We’re all so busy looking at ways to reinvent ourselves that we miss the fact that we’re constantly evolving.

Many young people are just graduating from college and must go out into the real world now. Aren’t they reinventing themselves as #adults now? I know many folks that are about to have their first baby. Won’t they be reinventing themselves as parents? Julia Child didn’t become the Julia Child we know until her 50s. We reinvent ourselves all the time.

Looking back, I wouldn’t say that I’ve been great at keeping resolutions, but I’ve defiantly reinvented myself many times over without realizing it. I became a stepmother when I married, so I instantly had to reinvent myself as a married woman with a child. I was a career woman with a great job when my husband and I decided it made sense to have someone stay home with our growing family; that was when I became the stay-at-home mom that I never envisioned I’d be. Eleven years later when I realized I missed the working woman in me, I set out to find a job. At age 44, I reinvented myself again as a working mom and an IT consulting professional. I’ve been in this job going on six years now and have experienced more joy and success than I imagined was possible.

Think about it. Have you reinvented yourself in the past? Give yourself some credit for it and don’t fret over New Year’s resolutions. You’ll grow and change as you need to. I could stand to exercise more, though, so I’ll probably keep that one.

Happy new year!

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Sharon Steingruber

Sharon Steingruber

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