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Lessons Learned on the Road

Traveling is something in life that you either like doing or you don’t. Some people don’t think that travel is a necessary part of life and prefer the comfort of what they know; furthermore, some might cringe at the stress of being on time for flights, dealing with other tourists, realizing that not all countries have air conditioning, and so on. On the other hand, there are some people who spend their free time planning their next adventure and cannot wait to be somewhere unfamiliar- they live for these experiences. Personally, I cannot imagine my life without travel. I’ve been traveling since I was only months old – of course I was not in control of the situation or aware of what I was doing – however, I am thankful that I was exposed to the sights of the world at a young age. It has taught me so much that I would not trade for anything. This blog isn’t a ploy to persuade you to travel; instead, I wanted to share what I learned on my recent summer travels and how it can be applied to life back home.

One of the major benefits of traveling to a foreign country is that you can get a taste of what that country’s culture is like. Where a person is from is often a part of their identity. If you can relate to that in some way or another, it establishes a connection and that person will respect and appreciate the fact that you are knowledgeable about their country. This then establishes a better line of communication and understanding.

Customer service can honestly make or break your stay at a hotel or experience at a restaurant. It’s important to pay attention to how you are treated as a customer so that you can then apply it to how you treat your customers. Learning from the successes and blunders of other establishments could help yours. In a more general sense, these experiences can be used to better understand how you should and should not treat those around you.

Lastly, being away from home allows you to appreciate what you have left behind. For some reason, when I travel, the bigger picture of my life comes into view, enabling me to zero in on the parts that serve me well and those that don’t. This then opens my eyes so that I’m able to see what does and does not need to be adjusted when I get back home.

In summary, traveling is something that I intend to continue doing throughout my life. The lessons and principles that I have gained from it are immensely helpful when it comes to interacting with others. It gives insight into your own life and views and it truly can broaden your horizons.

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