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Helping the Eagles Spread Their Wings and Fly

At Corus360, the backbone of our culture is hiring the brightest, most energetic people we can find. Once they’re here, we want them to stay, but, because of the quality of people we hire, we know some will outgrow their positions and some may leave for new opportunities. We’re committed to helping them grow and prepare for positions with greater responsibility within our organization or go elsewhere to spread their wings.

Because of that, we’ve implemented a leadership development program called Emerge360. We’ve just selected and initiated our first set of employees in that program. For the next year, we’ll meet monthly to help each of them develop a set of leadership competencies we believe are essential for success. After a lot of deliberation, these are the five qualities that we decided any good leader should have and how we define them:

  • Courage:
    • The ability to take calculated risks, stand up for what you believe in, and do the right thing.
    • The ability to provide “straight talk.”
  • Clarity:
    • The ability to communicate for impact and create mutual understanding and listen in a way that ensures others know that they are heard.
    • The capability to provide goals and objectives with guidelines/direction. The ability to communicate expectations in a manner that doesn’t leave others confused.
  • Coachability
    • The ability to continuously transform and grow. Having an intellectual curiosity and a spirit of restless reinvention that creates energy in an organization.
  • Competence
    • Social intelligence – The understanding of social situations, how to work with different people, how to handle unexpected situations, and the ability to engage others in conversation.
    • Ability to help others succeed – The capacity to identify and remove unnecessary constraints, provide necessary resources, acknowledge others’ contributions, and champion their ideas.
    • The capability to understand and build systems that enable others to see “the bigger picture.”
  • Character
    • The ability to build mutual trust.

These five Cs don’t represent grades to be aimed for, of course, and we didn’t choose them because of their sound, either. We chose Cs because Cs are one of the few shapes in the alphabet that look like handles, rungs that can be held on to and used to climb. The Five Cs of leadership provide a way for talent to move upwards. If you’re looking to give direction to a future leader or if you want to start shaping yourself into one, grab hold and start the ascent. You’ve got to get up pretty high before you can start flying.

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