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Culture Counts

I often post about my company on social media. There are posts about the fun things we do, the good work being done, blogs written by colleagues, and job openings. I often get the same comment regardless –  “Your company is so fun!”

And it’s true. We are fun. We do some cool things and we have the greatest people.  I’ve been at my company for over six years and it keeps getting better. How is that possible?

It works because my company’s leadership believes that culture matters. Create a place where people want to work, and people will do great work in it.

I work with a number of clients and I can identify the ones who work in a great culture almost immediately. They are happy to be at their jobs and radiate confidence in their organizations. There’s an air of comradery and of teamwork about them that’s infectious. You can tell if a company has a good culture just by looking at the people and noting whether or not they seem happy to be at work.

I challenge every person reading this to find a way to enhance the culture at their company. Compliment a coworker, find a way to give back to the community,  create a way for employees to give positive feedback about colleagues, or do whatever you can try to create a place where people want to work.

If you are in a leadership position and find that you are having a hard time hiring and/or keeping employees, take a good look at your culture.  Make your company a great place to work and you’ll start attracting great people.

After all, life is short. We all want to work somewhere awesome.

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Sharon Steingruber

Sharon Steingruber

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