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Sharon Steingruber

Sharon Steingruber

Account Manager

Drive a Mile

I am around people all the time. My job involves a ton of people, I’m constantly around my kids and their friends, and I live in Atlanta, where there’s so much traffic that you are ALWAYS with someone else on the road. I love it.


I have a milestone birthday this month and, I’ll admit, it’s a hard one to grasp. I’ve been glossing over this number for a while, but now that It’s upon me, I realize that I need to face the facts and (wo)man up. So I’m here to say, loud and proud, that soon I’ll turn 49.

There Is More to Value Than Dollar Signs

I have been working in the staffing industry for about five years. Prior to this, I was a stay at home mom who’s day consisted of shuttling people around and making sure that everyone was taken care of and happy. Strangely enough, the same skills have proved invaluable in the staffing industry.

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