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To Our Valued Customers

I am pleased to announce that Converge Technology Partners Inc. has completed the acquisition ofCorus360. Converge Technology Partners is building a national platform of regionally focused IT infrastructure firms in the US and Canada, connecting best of breed services and solutions to clients.

Rule Yourself

Communication is key to how a business operates and succeeds. Without it, not much would be accomplished. I started off our Town Hall meeting by implicating the importance of communication and how we can use it to better ourselves.

Are You Prepared?

As the leader of a growing company with over 300 employees serving several markets in the technology sector, I have read hundreds of books on leadership. Topics covering vision, strategy, team building, communications, empowerment, culture, values, decision-making, hiring, listening and so many additional areas that impact a company and are driven by those of us in leadership roles. We know as leaders that our words and actions start at the top and work their way down through the organization.

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