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Lily Broome

Lily Broome

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A Thank You Letter

I come from a family where Veterans Day means much more than words on a calendar. My father was an enlisted man in the 197th Infantry Brigade during the Vietnam War, but thankfully never had to go on active duty. His father was an officer in the United States Army Corps of Engineers during World War II, and my grandfather on my mother’s side, my grandmother’s second husband, was a Sergeant in the Infantry during World War II as well.

How Love Languages Apply to Our Work Relationships

The Five Love Languages, written by Gary Chapman, is a popular book describing five different ways to express your commitment to your partner to improve the relationship. If these five languages are considered and accessed differently, they can also be applicable to the building of work relationships in the office to create a more productive and peaceful environment. The Five Love Languages Gifts Gifts in the workplace do not need to be big or expensive; they just need to show thought.

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