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Cybersecurity and the Inner Workings of Operations

Cybersecurity is, for most individuals, an afterthought, something that isn’t at the forefront of their interest until a breach or attack has already occurred. For a business or an organization, cybersecurity is of paramount importance when it comes to keeping daily operations running at a smooth and uninterrupted pace. Beyond the IT department, most of the technologies that make daily operation possible are kept “behind the curtain.

Taking Cybersecurity More Seriously

As we begin to reshape and repurpose technology year by year to be more user friendly and versatile for the end user, we should think about the consequences of its rapidly spreading application in our everyday lives more thoroughly. Technology is making our lives easier through adapting and learning behavior and gathering data for purposes of improved performance. However, these boons come with a risk; we become more vulnerable to cyber attacks if we let our guard down.

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