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Lessons Learned on the Road

Traveling is something in life that you either like doing or you don’t. Some people don’t think that travel is a necessary part of life and prefer the comfort of what they know; furthermore, some might cringe at the stress of being on time for flights, dealing with other tourists, realizing that not all countries have air conditioning, and so on. On the other hand, there are some people who spend their free time planning their next adventure and cannot wait to be somewhere unfamiliar- they live for these experiences.

The Importance of Communication

This year I had the opportunity to be a Chair on the board of Relay for Life committee members at Kennesaw State University. Relay for Life is an organization that raises money across the nation by putting on races and uses it to further cancer research. Being a part of something that changes peoples’ lives has been amazing, although it has not been without its challenges.

The Relevance of an English Major

Being an English major is hard. You practically live your life for four years with your nose stuck in a book, analyzing every detail. In addition to the rigorous coursework, you are constantly plagued by thoughts about the post-graduation job market.

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