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IoT in the Retail Industry

Many retailers are taking advantage of the up and coming revolutions in the realm of IoT (the Internet of Things) to refresh the customer experience. Not only does dabbling in the IoT world impact a customer’s experience, but it also enables the retailer to enter into new markets. The futuristic ideas that are often portrayed in movies are becoming a part of our reality.


I recently read a quote by my favorite childhood author, Roald Dahl. When I read it, it made me think about how important it is to live life committed and passionately. The quote says this:

Lessons Learned on the Road

Traveling is something in life that you either like doing or you don’t. Some people don’t think that travel is a necessary part of life and prefer the comfort of what they know; furthermore, some might cringe at the stress of being on time for flights, dealing with other tourists, realizing that not all countries have air conditioning, and so on. On the other hand, there are some people who spend their free time planning their next adventure and cannot wait to be somewhere unfamiliar- they live for these experiences.

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