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Over the weekend I was invited to Aiken, South Carolina to ride a large Shire Horse that was for sale. During the trek to Aiken, I reminded myself that I was full of grit and no matter what this horse was like, I would do my very best to ride her well and not disappoint or embarrass my trainer. GRIT- the ever present buzz word of the year, the combination of good work ethic and a never-say-die attitude.

Why It’s Great to be Disruptive

These past few months have been a season of change for America and I believe many Americans are ready for a relaxing and quiet holiday season to round out a challenging 2016. This year people all over our nation questioned what we stand for, what is right, what is effective, and what will help us continue to move forward in unity as a powerful nation. However, ever after this Fall’s activities, people are left somewhat divided, with many questioning what happened.

Empower the impossible.